5V Ionizing Air Purifier – High Output Portable Negative Ion Generator for Car or Home


5V Air Purifier Air Ionizer Ioniser Airborne Negative Anion Generator High Output For Car Home

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1. Function: Dust & smoke removal

2. Power Wires: Red(positive electrode), Black(negative electrode)




Material ABS
Color Black
Input Voltage 3-6V DC
Output Voltage -2~ -6Kv DC
Power connector 2 Pin
Applicable area 21㎡ -30㎡

Working Principle:

By using pulses and vibration of electric appliances, rise the original low voltage to DC high negative pressure.

Making use of DC high voltage of carbon brush tip to produce high corona, emitting large amounts of electronic at a high speed.

Electronics can not remain in the air for a long time, therefore, after reacting with oxygen molecules in the air, negative ions will form.

Package Included:

1 X Ion Anion Generator


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